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Monday, 24th Oct 2016 02:30  


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Focus On: Asia

Monday, 24th October 2016
24th October 2016 - Dele Giwa: 30 years after
One killed, three injured in multiple blasts in Utsunomiya park in Japan
Four killed, 11 wounded in citywide shootings
Haqqanis have free run in Pakistan, says Top US commander John Nicholson in Kabul
India"™s surgical strikes are in keeping with international law and practice
1 dead, several hurt in Japan "˜suicide"™ blast
May act alone to destroy terror groups in Pak: US
Yemeni ballistic missiles destroy Saudi base
Soggy forecast for rice farmers
Restrictions on Muslims"™ worship in Italy
Houston church opens again after Hurricane Ike destruction
A Navy SEAL's fight to reconnect with the dog he served with leads to a new mission
Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte ditches the US for China
Decorated Soldier From Rockland Dies In Colorado
Firefighters seize moment, battle 28-square-mile Junkins fire ignited by downed power line
How Moi plunged Kenya into drought
Pakistan hangs four militants involved in 2014 school attack
Saudi-led airstrikes recommence as Yemen ceasefire ends
Fadi Mansour spent a year stuck in an airport. Now he lives near one - in Australia
Memo From India: Tough Stand by India"™s Modi on Militants Raises Risks With Pakistan
Iraq: Coalition Denies Deadly Airstrike On Kirkuk Shrine
Turkey's rhetoric on Mosul related to security concerns
Disaster-hit Fukushima Could Host Olympic Events
Turkeyâ s ruling party has completed proposal on presidency: PM
Cholera kills nine in Yemenâ s Aden
Yemen air raids resume as truce expires
â Terror pouring into Karachi from Wadh, Balochistanâ
Legal fraternity to hold peace convention on Nov 5
Taliban's deadly onslaught across Afghan provinces draws increased U.S. air power
The Mosul tragedy 24-Oct-16
It"™s time to automate voter registration
The Fix: Even if Democrats win the Senate, their majority is unlikely to endure
'Everyone was the enemy'
Saudi planes attack as Yemen ceasefire ends
Saudis resume Sanaa airstrikes as three-day Yemen truce expires
Aleppo pounded anew as "˜humanitarian pause"™ finds few takers, ends
Carter in Irbil to assess Mosul fight, praise peshmerga push, look next to advance on Raqqa
Russian Jets Pummel Aleppo, Kurds and Syrian Rebels Clash North of City
Shark attacks surfer in Australia
Man bundled into back of car during assault in Northampton town centre
Iraq forces press on Mosul assault
Coalition denies deadly airstrike on Kirkuk shrine
Retired Japanese soldier behind park suicide blast
Turkey and the European Union need to work together more than ever to save lives amid historic challenges, France"™s top diplomat has said, admitting the bloc must help Turkey"™s development, modern
World must do everything to end Aleppo massacre, says French FM
Burkina police kill militant in capital
Reuters: Suicide car bomb rocks Somali capital: police
Iraqi forces advance near Mosul as ISIS attacks western town
Modi sees election danger in India's 'Dalit Queen'
Second Hurricane Matthew Relief Drive collects food and supplies for NC, SC families
Plans to send heavier weapons to CIA-backed rebels in Syria stall amid White House skepticism
Belfast Blitz: The most disastrous event in city's history Events
Cultists sack community
Flood defences 'skewed towards wealthy families and regions'
California inmates join fight to put out wildfires
"˜Tornado"™ image of starlings wins coveted photography competition
Wildfire near Martha's Falls has grown to more than 300 acres
US Secretary of State John Kerry to receive Tipperary Peace Award next Sunday
Grenade blast in Kenyan town kills man, wounds three others
Federal trial over Endia Martin killing begins this week

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