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Wednesday, 15th Aug 2018 13:56
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Latest FCO Updates
Updated: Malta
Updated: Yemen
Updated: Montenegro
Updated: Grenada
Updated: St Vincent and the Grenadines
Updated: France
Updated: Democratic Republic of the Congo
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BBC World Headlines
Italy bridge: Grief and anger over collapse in Genoa
Christine Hallquist: First transgender governor nominee picked
Afghanistan Taliban withdraws protection for Red Cross
Israel reopens Gaza cargo crossing after calm
Goose called Gugu wins place at Chinese university
Twitter suspends Alex Jones for one week
New Mexico compound judge receives death threats
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General Security News and Travel Safety Updates
Trump adviser Bolton to meet Russian officials next week: Kremlin
Israel lets food, goods back into Gaza as Egypt pushes truce
Turkish court rejects U.S. pastor's appeal, upper court yet to rule: lawyer
Italy bridge collapse kills 37, ignites national anger
U.S. pastor in Turkey appeals for release, lifting of travel ban: lawyer
U.S. Charge d'Affaires calls on Turkey to resolve pastor Brunson's case
Turkey doubles tariffs on some U.S. imports; Turkish lira rallies
Japan emperor expresses 'deep remorse' over war; PM sends offering to Yasukuni
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Focus On: Africa
Uganda:Museveni Critic Bobi Wine Detained By Authorities After Violent Clashes
Kenya:University of Nairobi Ranked Top in Research Publications
Kenya:Dilemma Facing Kenyans With Life Insurance Covers
Uganda:Interest Rate at Lowest in 10 Years
South Africa:Liberation Icon Veronica Sobukwe Dies
South Africa:Girls Expelled From School for Kissing
Tanzania:District Leadership Re-Crafted
Tanzania:PM - Exercise Patriotism
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Focus On: Asia
Bomb explosion leaves three civilians dead, injured in Kirkuk
Merkel hits out at Russia, China over Syria stance
Westminster crash suspect named 18 minutes ago
First Alert Weather: High Humidity and Scattered Storms Source: WJAX
Let’s talk about tech, baby: Which companies Congress mentions most
Betting the House (of Saud): Mohammed bin Salman is a dangerous pick for Saudi Arabian crown prince
Corbyn backlash: Fury as Labour leader 'rolls his eyes' while questioned on wreath scandal
First victims of bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy named
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