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Thursday, 22nd Jun 2017 23:16
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Latest FCO Updates
Updated: Cambodia
Updated: Nepal
Updated: Bahrain
Updated: Kazakhstan
Updated: Bulgaria
Updated: Turkey
Updated: Belgium
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BBC World Headlines
US man 'gave Chinese agent secrets'
May unveils offer on EU citizens
The moment a US father hears his dead daughter's heartbeat
Republican senators' revolt puts health bill in jeopardy
'Pizzagate' gunman sentenced to four years
Trump: I did not record ex-FBI chief James Comey
Senate Republicans unveil healthcare bill
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General Security News and Travel Safety Updates
Belgian bombing suspect had marriage, job plans, say family
U.S., Europeans to meet next week on aviation security
France's Macron puts national security at heart of foreign policy
House of Saud unites behind king's son - for now
In Brussels, May offers 'fair deal' for EU nationals in Britain
Many aid groups unable to manage war zone risks, says UN-backed report
EU flexes military muscles with new defense plan
Macron brings corporate background to cabinet shake-up
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Focus On: Africa
South Africa: Zuma - No Need for Secret Ballot. You Have Failed Seven Times
Nigeria: Govt Signs Polio Aid Deal With Germany
Nigeria: Govt Turns to Renewable Energy for Economic Growth
Nigeria: Woman, 26, Docked Over Alleged Abduction of Teen Lover
Sudan: Time to Repeal U.S. Sanctions On Sudan?
Kenya's schoolgirls to get free sanitary pads from government
South Africa: We Still Won't Vote Against Zuma - ANC Caucus On Secret Ballot Ruling
Africa: Refugee Protection an Obligation Under International Law
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Focus On: Asia
Chile publishes details of Nazi spy rings in World War Two
Rare protest on Thai student leader's arrest anniversary
Three killed as suspected Rohingya insurgent camp found in Myanmar: Report
‘My father was abducted by ISIS’: Marawi children dealing with siege trauma
East Timor recaptures two inmates who escaped from Bali jail
South Korea president calls on China's Xi to do more on North Korea nuclear programme
Two of four Bali fugitives who escaped using tunnel caught in East Timor
Exclusive: South Korea president calls on China's Xi to do more on North Korea nuclear program
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