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Tuesday, 26th Sep 2017 22:29
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BBC World Headlines
Saudi Arabia driving ban on women to be lifted
'Historic day' as Saudi Arabia grants women permission to drive
Bali volcano evacuees 'broken-hearted'
Trump: NFL anthem kneeling protesters 'disgraceful'
Republican push to repeal Obamacare collapses
Uber threatens to quit Quebec over 'severe' new regulations
Uganda MPs brawl during presidential age-limit debate
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General Security News and Travel Safety Updates
Top U.S. general says North Korea's military posture unchanged amid tensions
Trump urges EU to sanction Maduro government in Venezuela
After German election, France's Macron paints sweeping vision for Europe
Iraqi Kurdish leader says 'yes' vote won independence referendum
IAEA chief calls for clarity on disputed section of Iran nuclear deal
No, m'lud: Brexit stymies EU judges' English conversion
Rights group accuses Myanmar of crimes against humanity
Syria producing more energy after army recaptures gas fields - ministry
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Focus On: Africa
Liberia: Sirleaf Delivers Final Speech at U.S. Capitol as President
Togo protester 'attacked by police'
Uganda MPs brawl during presidential age-limit debate
Uganda: Chaos Reigns in Parliament As MPs Accuse Colleagues of Being Armed
Kenya: Crisis As UN Refugee Agency Shuts Office in Dadaab
Nigeria: Wanted Boko Haram Commander Arrested - Official
Africa: Private Sponsorship of Refugees Grows, Along With Resettlement Needs
South Sudan: Kiir Pledges to End War in South Sudan
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Focus On: Asia
Military option for North Korea not preferred, but would be 'devastating': Trump
North Korea's bark may be worse than bite in threat to shoot down US bombers
US slaps sanctions on North Korean banks, executives
UN Security Council moves to confront Myanmar crisis
Myanmar to send team to Dhaka to discuss Rohingya issue
Trump - military option for North Korea not preferred, but would be 'devastating'
Power blackout leaves darkened Puerto Rico isolated and paralyzed
Fleeing Rohingya fighters accept suffering and exile in exchange for world’s attention
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