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How to create a business travel policy that just works.

The TD Travel Group can help you create, implement and enforce a successful business travel policy.

Your company's business travel policy should be fair and practical in order to motivate your travellers and encourage buy in. A good travel policy will offer the opportunity to make savings on your travel budget and also provide your travellers with a solid base point from which to work. A poorly constructed policy can be worse than having no policy at all.

So how can we help?

We consider ourselves something of an authority on creating a business travel policy that just works. This experience has been built up over years of business travel service provision and travel purchasing management. We analyse travel spend patterns, discuss specific requirements and wish lists and work with you to produce your own tailor-made travel policy for your company.

Because we have experience in both the buying and selling of travel, your business travel policy will be easily manageable by you and enforced by us.

Case Study: Implementing The Travel Policy

TD have written and implemented travel policy for companies large and small.

One significant international company with twenty-three UK locations already had a travel policy in place but it was so unsuccessful that they were using sixteen different business travel suppliers.

We analysed the company's spend and identified key areas where we could make the largest impact. Once approved, the policy TD developed was implemented across the company.

The new travel policy was so successful that within six weeks of implementation all locations recorded savings and improved levels of service. After the first twelve months, the company reported well in excess of 1 million savings on their 3.5 million annual travel budget with similar travel patterns as the previous year.

If you are considering changing or even writing a travel policy for your company why not work with TD?

By utilising our specialised knowledge you really can guarantee that your travel policy is working successfully.

If you wish to discuss your company's travel requirements please contact our UK Business Travel Sales Department on 0161 488 3500 or complete our contact form.

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